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Let Sidekick create chapters, descriptions, blogs and SEO keywords for your podcast so you you can focus on what you do best - creating podcasts worth listening to.

Check out an example of how it works to see it for yourself.

Podcasts lose their listeners within
five minutes.

It’s no secret that adding chapters to your podcast gets you more new listeners, more repeat listeners, and longer listen times. (If this is news to you, you’re welcome 😝)

isteners want chapters. You want Sidekick. Why not let a machine do what it’s best at so you can do what you’re best at?

With so much said, how do you create a captivating description?

Getting people to click into your podcast is almost as hard as coming up with a catchy description for it. Unblock yourself by letting Sidekick write one for you to get you rolling.

There’s more than one way to find
your pod, use that to capture new audiences.

The more ways that you can get your content found, the better. Because in a sea of noise that is our modern, complex world, you can easily get drown out.

Sidekick will generate a full length blog post for you that will help get you more visibility, and give you the ability to post to many other platforms like Medium, LinkedIn and many others to capture new audiences.

Do you really have time to also
learn SEO?

How to get seen on search engines is as much a dark art, as it is a moving target. Have a machine speak machine, and create the best SEO keywords for your episodes.

Why Audiotuner

Give your catalog a chance

Adding chapters and a more captivating description are the best ways to improve the listens on your back catalog.

Beat writer's block

Find inspiration in Sidekick's generated content then put your own spin on it. Our AI will find the best spots for chapters give you a great template to go off for descriptions.

Unfair advantage

Sidekick searches for low-competition keywords so your podcast reaches more of the right ears.

Communicate with us

Sidekick was built by one person, not a bif company or venture capital. You can reach out to me directly here.

Work proactively & retroactively

Sidekick will create chapters for unpublished episodes as well as episodes you have already released, either pulling from your RSS feed or upload audio.

Trusted by

“Sidekick has massively sped up my workflow, taking the tedious part of podcast uploading, and in fact, doing a better job than I could with descriptions and SEO optimised show notes.

Dr. Yusef Smith

Host of Propane Fitness



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